Promotional bulk SMS Price list

SMS Credits Price /SMS SMS Price GST Tax(18%) Total Price Validity Buy Now
25000 0.12 Rs.3000/- Rs.540/- Rs.3540/- Lifetime Buy Now
50000 0.11 Rs.5500/- Rs.990/- Rs.6490/- Lifetime Buy Now
100000 0.10 Rs.10000/- Rs.1800/- Rs.11800/- Lifetime Buy Now
200000 0.095 Rs.19000/- Rs.3420/- Rs.22420/- Lifetime Buy Now
500000 0.090 Rs.45000/- Rs.8100/- Rs.53100/- Lifetime Buy Now
1000000 0.085 Rs.85000/- Rs.15300/- Rs.100300/- Lifetime Buy Now

Transactional bulk SMS Price list

SMS Credits Price /SMS SMS Price GST Tax(18%) Total Price Validity Buy Now
25000 0.14 Rs.3500/- Rs.630/- Rs.4130/- Lifetime Buy Now
50000 0.13 Rs.6500/- Rs.1170/- Rs.7670/- Lifetime Buy Now
100000 0.12 Rs.12000/- Rs.2160/- Rs.14160/- Lifetime Buy Now
200000 0.11 Rs.22000/- Rs.3960/- Rs.259600/- Lifetime Buy Now
500000 0.105 Rs.52500/- Rs.9450/- Rs.61950/- Lifetime Buy Now
1000000 0.10 Rs.100000/- Rs.18000/- Rs.118000/- Lifetime Buy Now

Bulk SMS provider in Delhi

The Boost your business by employing the best services of promotional SMS and Bulk SMS provider in Delhi. We are trying to bring a new era by providing affordable and exclusive promotional SMS services to the clients. Our service goes a long way to provide you access to the latest technology, which makes it possible to send, bulk SMS to multiple users without facing any difficulties.

Our platform is designed with the purpose of promoting your products or service; we help you to reach your potential customers by providing Promotional SMS When it comes to promoting your business, anyone can take advantage of our services which directly helps to boost their business revenue or sale.

Nowadays, traditional ways to promote your business are not effective, so you need to update yourself with the latest need of the industry. We provide ease as well as impressive outcomes through a text message in variety.

Bulk SMS Redefined

Send personalized text in your regional languages and cover a wide range of your potential customers.

SMS Attachments

We provide facility to attach files with text messages; you can attach images, word docs, spreadsheets, PDFs and many more.

Track Campaign Metrics

Get reports of all links sent via text and you can monitor your SMS marketing campaigns.

Mobile Solutions

Create and send discount vouchers, mobile tickets, surveys and forms directly to your targeted audience phones

Receive SMS

Allow your customer to reach out and get correct information by simply texting into your short or long codes.

Integrate SMS APIs

We provide simple APIs for software and web developers to integrate any application with the text.

Send via App, Excel or Email

Send text according to the way you like using the web interface, APIs, email gateway or Text local mobile apps.

Enterprise Friendly

Get started with multi-user accounts, role management, locked templates, audit trail, bespoke services & more

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Bulk SMS?

Sending a large number of SMS to mobile phones of users who is interested in your product service is known as Bulk SMS service. At present, this method is very famous for sending information about your business or brand to the mobile phone of your targeted audiences who have shown their interest in your product before. This service including bulk SMS message, single messages, interactive messaging, etc.

Advantages of Bulk SMS messaging is that your business can make use of several solutions to send or receive messages through a cell phone application, web interface, an SMS APII, and software program with their website or system.

How Does Businesses Use Bulk SMS?

A business or an organization constantly striving to look for new ways that can help them to reach out their maximum number of potential customers. In a highly competitive industry, every business finds the modern form of communication by which they can promote their brand to a large audience within a minute.

Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi works with a new age technology that attracts various business or youngsters and works as an effective means of marketing. Using the facility of Bulk SMS, an organization or a company can promote its discount offer, new stocks, special events and freebies to the customers without wasting a single minute.

Nowadays the concept of Bulk SMS has become popular because of its simple use and the reason for choosing this facility because it is reliable and speedy functionalities. It is difficult for any business to contact every customer using a phone call, but with the help of a text message, a business can convey their message in a precise manner.

Why should businesses use bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS Service is a useful and effective marketing channel that requires to separate from mobile marketing strategies which are required to achieve success in the mobile world. Smartphones are using a lot more than any other device and play a very important role in marketing.

If you have a novice business owner or running a business for a long time, everyone needs that their marketing should be done in proper and effective manners. transactional SMS services marketing is one of the main marketing strategies to promote any product or services. A small piece of information can be sent from your mobile phone in a minute to reach a wide range of audience.

Reasons for Using SMS Bulk

Boost sales: Bulk SMS packages offer you to increase business sales, it can be a very effective way of promotion and Bulk SMS is contrary to an email, which probably ends up in the spam folder.

Instant Feedback: We are the Bulk SMS service provider in India, our services allow you to get instant feedback after an interaction with your customer. You ask to rate their experience after taking your services or assistance. It is a quick and fast process and can be read quickly.


In this hectic world, we are full of information which also causes forgetting of dates, event, promotions, etc. bulk SMS service can be utilized to inform customers about the time and location for a scheduled appointment.

The thoughts about the company can be changed by sending customers reminders of a booked event such as consultation or for an upcoming discount; it can save a business time and money.

Ultimate convenience

Mostly E-commerce Company or startups are the best examples of attracting potential customers to their brands. They are actually taking advantage of Bulk SMS services to keep their customer updated about their offers, product delivery, and their status.

So join hand with Nexcuit web solution which is number one Bulk SMS delivery service provider across India and our plan prices are kept very affordable by keeping in the need of small business owners.

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