We are an IVR Service Provider in Bangalore offering cloud based IVR Service all things considered affordable rates since 2009. What's more, as pioneers in providing Online IVR Services in India we ensure all calls are 100% recorded in our electronic call log board progressively.

We oversee approx 5,00,000 incoming Calls each Month on our 1500+ dynamic IVR Numbers. Furthermore, to maintain ourselves as the best IVR Service Provider Company in India our superb focus is to ensure best audio quality and instant call network. Subsequently we have repetitive organization of all significant Indian Telecom Operators accordingly we ensure best telco availability across all cities in India. We can give you IVR Number of any State within INDIA or some other Country in the World at most affordable rates !

We also give Vanity Numbers so now you can have an Easy to Remember IVR Number of your decision at lowest rate.


  • Virtual Numbers
  • We will provide a virtual number with integrated IVR and call forwarding to your provided number
  • Custom IVR Call Flow
  • We assembled Custom IVR Call stream according to your business prerequisite
  • Call Monitoring and Recording
  • Capacity permitting to observe information concerning call logs (length, date and time, caller number, recording).
  • IVR Menu
  • Automated voice menu guide's caller to address division by linking dial digits with extension codes.
  • Greeting Message
  • Start playing the company's invite greeting message when the caller calls the IVR number.
  • Contingent Forwarding
  • You can define a standard for forwarding calls according to date, time, or some other conditions or parameters.
  • Hold Music
  • Pleasant song replacing silence or telephone tones during the waiting period for call answers from the end recipient.
  • Blacklist
  • You get capacity to blacklist caller numbers anytime.
  • Voicemail
  • Recorded voice messages calls that you have missed will be saved to your email

Why choose our IVR System Bangalore or Virtual Phone Systems Bangalore :

Our IVR Service and Bulk SMS Service is an electronic board with a point by point call log board. Your whole call conversion alongside any phone messages are automatically recorded into our cloud based IVR system. Furthermore, you can listen to call recordings anytime by just login into your online call log board.

Our customized IVR services are completely according to your business necessity and we can customize the settings. We also give API codes to integrate our IVR Service/Virtual Receptionist Service with your existing or new CRM Solution and Multi-Level IVR Service is also accessible.

Key Features of Virtual Receptionist Service

  • User Friendly WebPortal
  • Access Online , Anywhere Anytime and deal with your IVR system in 3 easy steps
  • Free Talk-time per plan
  • Presently get free talk-time minutes free with each arrangement. Easy top-up alternative accessible for extra talktime
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Customization of IVR to support multiple language options
  • Completely Automated and Easy to Use
  • IVR Service is a Cloud Based Hosting Solution and is a completely automated system and our entryway is extremely easy to use
  • Adaptable Validity
  • We simplify business and easy with adaptable legitimacy plans
  • High Call Quality
  • No downtime or call idleness issue with cloud IVR system as our entryway is linked with Multi Telecom Operator course
  • Get Call log Report
  • View online all call log report and choice to download call history and audio files
  • 100% Secured and Trusted Solution
  • Your information is secured and encoded you can be 100% assured about the quality of service and support by Nexcuit Web Solution
Bulk SMS Service Provide in Location

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
It tends to Interactive Voice Response, which is a phone based application that prompts calless with the recorded voice messages related to any brand or its products and services. It provides options for voice input and touch phone keypad selections from the menu. A high technology based AI works behind it, which provide you the information asked in the form of voice answers and provide a connection to live executive
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephone framework application that prompts callers with recorded messages and choices and cycles voice input or potentially contact telephone keypad choices from these menus. The IVR script reacts to this contribution by giving proper data as a voice answer or gives an association with a "live" operator.
No, there are no hidden costs, simply the costs related with introductory arrangement and progressing utilization. In contrast to the majority of our rivals, we additionally can furnish your association with a turnkey IVR telephone framework and can build up this application for you too. This framework requires a one-time permit of our software with a discretionary yearly upkeep charge.
IVR applications can be created by Nexcuit's expert staff in an opportune way. Before consenting to an arrangement, our work force will examine the IVR prerequisites and these will be together affirmed by both you and us. When the agreement has been marked, our software engineers will start building up this application and will give a test variant to you to affirm. When affirmed and further tried, it will be actualized at our IVR call focus or sent to you with your IVR telephone framework. This whole interaction by and large requires only a couple days or weeks, contingent on the intricacy of this application.
Sign in for your 3-day demo. Gain admittance to our dashboard. Pick your IVR administration. Put on the whole the necessary subtleties or call us at 91-9910326510 or write us at info@nexcuit.com
There are various IVR number suppliers in Delhi NCR. What's fundamental is which supplier gives you add-on advantages and simple client service. we guarantee you different advantages for your business for certain overflowing highlights and 24*7 help.
Nexcuit gives a high level IVR framework to your business for certain shocking highlights like call steering, complementary number, CRM coordination, Live call reports, and so forth