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Nexcuit web solution is a short code service provider in Delhi NCR, India. We have been working in this industry for many years and serving various clients from various categories.

Shortcode SMS is a way to promote your services or product in an effective way. It is getting more popular these days due to its easy to remember the point. This tool is generally used for getting feedback mails and to generate leads. In this service, the service taker gets a keyword from the shortcode service provider. The keyword is like a unique identification for that service. It can be understood with this example, If a company ABC chooses a keyword, let say ABCX then every message will start from their chosen keyword ABCX and blank Space. These keywords help the SMS receiver to recognize the incoming message from where it is coming from and what is the purpose of the same.

Advantages of our shortcode services

  • Customer finds it easy to remember which leads to better communication
  • The response rate is quicker than any other marketing method tool
  • Easy to monitor and analyze customer response and conversion rate

By and large, shortcodes you will see are of 5 digits like 12345 or 56567. It is likewise a sort of SMS advertising device that encourages organizations to remain associated with the shopper market. The simple 5 digit codes are not difficult to recall which causes clients to recollect them with no problem. it offers an immediate association with clients in terms of directing Contests/Surveys, distributing information about Lucky Winner Draw, Bids, making Product Enquiries, and for Lead age.

Short Code services offered by Nexcuit Web Solution:

At Pertinax, alongside all the above highlights, you likewise get persistent client assistance. At whatever point you stall out with your informing services, you are allowed to reach us to get quicker short code solutions. Business with us is an encounter of solid moral and corporate qualities that you will appreciate. Our services are brief and business terms are straightforward which causes our important customers to get the best services.

  • We offer Unlimited Sub Keywords to look over
  • You have the choice to customize your auto-answers for limitless occasions
  • One free automated message for every single incoming SMS
  • We offer the most minimal rate shortcode services that no different does in the business
  • SMS reactions are not difficult to advance to your URL
  • We offer two-way informing services also which help in simple client correspondence.

In the web, you may get a considerable rundown of shortcode suppliers yet with our services, you will get unmatched outcomes. We are the most solid Short Code specialist organization here that offers ensured services.

  • SMS Notifications
  • CRM Integration
  • Constant Reporting
  • Administrator and Location
  • Single and Multilevel IVR
  • Image
  • Free Support
  • URL Forwarding/Push API
  • Completely Customizable
  • Continuous Call Forwarding
  • Versatile Friendly Web Pages
  • Moment Activation
Business growth with the help of shortcodes messages
  • It allows businesses to send short code messages in high volumes for marketing and promotional activities. Enjoy two-way conversations with your customers.
  • It allows you to create or run successful campaigns, which makes it easy for customers to get engage in SMS marketing campaigns, alert service and also allow them to enter text to win promotions
  • It allows you to send vanity short code, which is assigned to you. You can choose your specific desired number that suits you or your customers for easy remember.
  • It allows you to send marketing messages in bulk, let's say 50000 messages per month, you can easily send it using shortcode services
Bulk SMS Service Provide in Location

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
You can contact our executive for the details and discuss your requirements. Call us at +91-9910326510 or you can drop your queries at Our team and executives will connect with you as soon as possible.
The conversation window is the amount of time a subscriber has to respond to the received SMS before it gets registered to the default keyword. Generally, the default window is of 60 minutes For eg: If a subscriber replies to the join keyword, they have 60 minutes to text in Y to complete the process, otherwise, the subscriber will be required to start the opt-in process over. Generally, this process takes 3 to 4 hours due to the conflicts with other SMS engagements to the subscriber.
You can open a support case with the code, the business unit and the country would be provisioned.
You will need to open a support case with the code, business unity, and country you want to change or modify.
You will be required to open a support case with the code and request a number of the keywords, which you want to add.
As the name shows, long code SMS are long telephone numbers, which can be up to 16 digits in character length. It generally contains the length of the standard telephone number. The long code SMSs are cheaper than shortcodes SMSs and also allows you to receive replies from the recipients
Shortcode SMS is generally a memorable number with a standard length between 3 to 7 digits. These SMS are ideal for promotional and marketing campaigns when you are required to remember your number. These shortcodes SMS are country-specific.
Yes, you need to pay the cost associated with each additional phone number. It is based on the carrier cost and the specific country.
Phone lines are the numbers on which you can receive or send messages. These are country-specific and each country has different numbers. If you are messaging to and from any specific country, you will be required to have different numbers for each country.
There are no expiry dates, we offer lifetime validity for the account and credit limits you have purchased. You can use your credit message limit throughout the year and the remaining limit will be carried forward to the next year automatically.
Let's suppose you are sending short code messages in bulk in five countries. You will be charged based on the message cost for that specific country.
Yes, you can choose any of the two options. You can contact us for quarterly payment. We can also offer some discount on these kinds of payment
Yes, the use of messaging tends to increase with your team experiencing its powerful value. So we have created a plan in which you can easily add users any time you want. You will be charged based on a prorated annual basis
Yes, we offer a discount on our yearly plan or for the clients who signed a long-term contract with us. You can call or email us at the provided number or email address shown on our website