Transactional bulk SMS Price list

SMS Credits Price /SMS SMS Price GST Tax(18%) Total Price Validity Buy Now
25000 0.14 Rs.3500/- Rs.630/- Rs.4130/- lifetime Buy Now
50000 0.13 Rs.6500/- Rs.1170/- Rs.7670/- lifetime Buy Now
100000 0.12 Rs.12000/- Rs.2160/- Rs.14160/- lifetime Buy Now
200000 0.11 Rs.22000/- Rs.3960/- Rs.259600/- lifetime Buy Now
500000 0.105 Rs.52500/- Rs.9450/- Rs.61950/- lifetime Buy Now
1000000 0.10 Rs.100000/- Rs.18000/- Rs.118000/- lifetime Buy Now

Transactional SMS services

Nexcuit web solution also provides the Transactional SMS services which are more focused on sending out vital alerts and updates to their prospective customers in bulk so it is also known as Bulk SMS services

As per the new guidelines of TRAai, we can send transactional messages even to DND numbers. Though these kind of numbers are not of the any kind of promotional nature but there are times when it becomes necessary to send vital information, updates, and alerts to our customers on an alert large scale.

We even send messages to DND numbers in case of emergency as it becomes important to convey the vital information to our customers. We as a team of experienced people know how to deal with this kind of situation where other means of marketing become irrelevant and useless.

We have developed a certain kind of rare attitude towards the new advancements in the field of digital marketing. With the help of our modern technology advancement we make this process very easy and simple because of that we become the best bulk SMS service in India.

Bulk SMS service

We as a transactional sms service provider in Delhi gives you the opportunity to expand the reach of your customers even in the new region that is far otherwise. We have developed an effective system to send large scale SMS to the targeted audiences.

You can send any kind of information whether it is critical data, generic or any other normal information securely and at a rapid speed thus this makes us exceptionally effective Bulk SMS services provider in Delhi.

The messages sent through our bulk SMS are complied comply with pre-set variables that have a transactional purpose.


  • Here we Nexcuit web solution offer transactional sms services to send out service SMS to both the Non-DND users and DND users.
  • We have build up promotional sms gateways in order to give you instant delivery.
  • The Bulk SMS service provided by us is very much cost effective and reliable.
  • We have sms service for 24*7 all over Globe.

What are the different features?

Nexcuit web solution offers bulk SMS services which can be utilized by the any sort of selected group of organization that is approved by TRAI.

  • It has Delivery time which is 24*7 so there is no. time constraints.
  • We don't differentiate between DND and on- DND numbers. We delivered to all numbers.
  • We give a unique sender ID with 6 alphanumerics (static)
  • It also has API for example : HTTP, XML, SMPP
  • Our system gives you a Multiple SMS gateway that is automatically assigned to all customers.
  • There is no setup cost and zero charges.
  • We give you 160 characters(English) and 67 for the Unicode.

The messages sent through our bulk SMS are complied comply with pre-set variables that have a transactional purpose.

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