Transactional Promotional bulk SMS Price list

SMS Credits Price /SMS SMS Price GST Tax(18%) Total Price Validity Buy Now
100,000 0.12 Rs.12000/- Rs.2160/- Rs.14160/- lifetime Buy Now
500,000 0.11 Rs.55000/- Rs.9900/- Rs.64900/- lifetime Buy Now
10,00,000 0.105 Rs.52500/- Rs.9450/- Rs.61950/- lifetime Buy Now
20,00,000 0.10 Rs.105000/- Rs.18900/- Rs.123900/- lifetime Buy Now
50,00,000 0.10 Rs.500000/- Rs.9000/- Rs.590000/- lifetime Buy Now
100,00,000 0.10 Rs.1000000/- Rs.180000/- Rs.1180000/- lifetime Buy Now

Transactional SMS services

For enhancing your business or to expand the reach of your services you can actually utilize Bulk SMS Reseller plans. This will help you to set up the extra stream of income. You can opt the Nexcuit web solution Bulk SMS services to send the Bulk SMS across the Indian.

Our company enables its client to earn more potential customer from the various region at the same time. The reseller will mostly have many smaller clients instead of a large clients, and apart from that, the financial incentives are structured to this end. That why bulk SMS reseller has that much popularity in its respective market.

And as far as the risk of resellers is concerned the credits have to be bought from Bulk SMS upfront) and the reseller needs to collect payment from the clients itself. This is very essential for the bulk SMS reseller business perspective.

Various Advantages associated with the Reseller

1. The main advantage of being a reseller is that it can extend their existing(commercial)relationships with its clients in order to include the ability to send out bulk SMS.

2. As a bulk SMS reseller provider, it does not have training staff or traveling salespeople There are resellers who may have already visit their clients or customers and be in a position to aid the customer register or to download software.

3. Apart from this also provide basic training on using wholesales SMS products at the customer’s premises.

4. We give the opportunity to the seller to undercut Bulk SMS’s prices. Let’s suppose, the reseller could sell a 200(batch of) credits for €0.036 each instead of at Bulk SMS's €0.0375 each.

Get Your White Labeled Portal

With Bulk sms plans SMS reseller white label solution you will get the opportunity to become a business mobile provider(messaging) to your customers as the site is fully branded for your organization, that too with no mention of Bulk sms plans anywhere.

So in this way you are able to charge whatever rate or price you wish to from your customer and this how you will create your own extra revenue stream for the company.

Nexcuit web solution provides you with your own Master Account, Account Creation Tool, and Reports that allows you to have absolute control over what is going on.

Nexcuit web solution is the best promotional bulk SMS reseller in India that allows to Open your Bulk SMS Plans account and start utilizing the Reseller Solution instantly.

Our company has set-up or monthly costs incurred when one become a reseller. So the cost to the reseller for buying credits from transactional SMS Price is as per the batch rates are shown on our price table.

The cost will depend on the client's perception of the VAD by the reseller.

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