Digital Marketing case studies of renowned brands

Digital Marketing case studies of renowned brands

We are well versed with the fact that how digital marketing has overtaken the businesses on digital platforms. It has changed the definition of how businesses work and market themselves.

If we talk about any of the businesses from food to automobile industries, everyone has digital marketing on top of their minds.

In this article, Nexcuit web solution, which is known as the Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi has shared case studies of various renowned brands. You will get to know that how these brands have created a niche market online by competing with conventional stores and showing the power of digital marketing.

These case studies will give you a clear picture that how the brands are leaving impressions on user’s minds and growing digitally each day.

According to Pew Research, the number of internet users has increased by 5% in the last three years, and this data is constantly increasing. People’s behavior of buying the products has now really changed; offline marketing is not effective as it used to be.

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Let’s have a look at some campaigns run by the big brands in order to grow themselves on social platforms:


You won’t believe but Volkswagen has received 9, 60,000 updates by using the Social media platform.

Let’s check how!

Volkswagen has laid down its stone 83 years ago in German, Europe and has now become a wish of everyone to own it. With its users all around the world, Volkswagen found India as a profitable market and decided to target it with its strategies effectively.

Objectives of this campaign:

The main objective of Volkswagen is to create awareness of its brand amongst the working Indian professionals. They want to target people who have the potential to afford its brand.

Strategies they have used:

To fulfill its objective, Volkswagen effectively launches its profile on LinkedIn which is the best place to target professional individuals. If you aren’t aware, other than any other social media platform, LinkedIn has proved to be the best place where you can find professionals of all kinds.

So what Volkswagen did is, they made it possible for their users to air their voice and speak about their brand on LinkedIn. It was like a recommendation campaign. Undoubtedly, they used these recommendations in their ad campaigns to increase brand value & loyalty.

They targeted the people according to their senior working-level & geographical location. They target people who were searching for dealer locations in their concerned areas.

Results obtained by this campaign:

This campaign strategized by Volkswagen successfully got viral which led the brand to receive 9, 60,000 updates and 2700 model recommendations in just a month. Following this, they received 2300 new followers on their LinkedIn page.


Nowadays, almost all of us have this “Gaana” app on our mobile phones, isn’t it?

Gaana is a music streaming app, entertaining all of us since 2010. It features songs in about 21 different languages.

The brand Gaana has effectively used digital marketing strategies and was able to achieve 200% growth in daily app downloads.

If you’re wondering how then check its case study below:

Objectives of this campaign:

The main objective of this campaign was to attract mobile users to download Gaana app on their smartphones. They enable their services in both IOS & android so that they can target a large audience. They also want to measure that how much their advertising investments are.

Strategies they have used:

Gaana decided to target music lovers above the age of 18 years, for that they have used Facebook as a medium to reach a wide audience. To promote its brand, Gaana outshines its presence on social media platforms through Facebook app download advertisements. With the right Facebook ads, they tempt people to download their app from either Google Play or the Apple app store.

Additionally, they used the Power editor tool, to monitor their Facebook ad campaign and optimize it accordingly for better results.

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Results obtained by this campaign:

Unquestionably, Facebook has served as the right platform for Gaana to reach around 30 million music fans and to gain 200% growth in daily app downloads. The best thing is that they acquire 20% less app installation cost in comparison to any other medium of advertisement.

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Founded 155 years ago, Nokia has established itself in a market that it will be remembered by generations to come.

Nokia has utilized marketing strategies in a very effective way, whether we talk about traditional marketing or digital marketing, Nokia has proved to be the master in utilizing them appropriately for its brand.

Let’s check that how Nokia has used Social media marketing to excel its reach on social platforms.

Objectives of this campaign:

The main objective of Nokia to run this campaign was to identify Brand Ambassador for its brand so that it can increase its brand reach and presence on social media platforms.

Strategies they have used:

Generally, the organization chooses its brand ambassadors internally, but Nokia strategically used social media platforms to do so.

They have utilized the Short Stacke tool in order to execute this campaign.

Let’s check what made this campaign go viral:

•       The brand provided users to choose from five celebrities whom they would love to play a role. This makes users excited and interested in joining the campaign.

•       They made users to respond simple questions like “What are you willing to do to be an Ambassador?” The answers can be shared in any format i.e. images, text or videos.

•       The visitors have to showcase their expressions that what they feel about the brand? What attracts them towards the brand Nokia? And why they want to be a brand ambassador of this brand?

This campaign was successfully run on Facebook and Twitter for about 12 days.

Results obtained by this campaign:

The social media campaign run by Nokia has proved to be a phenomenal success. Below are the unimaginable outcomes:

•       With the discussion all over the social platforms, Nokia was able to reach its fan base up to 68,469. Apart from this, the brand was able to touch 9252 unique participants.

•       With the right approach, they have received 5493 comments and 5550 shares on a campaign post which is really big & incredible.

•       Along with these big numbers, they were able to increase their app viewership rate.


Before running a campaign what you should identify is your objective and a platform that is right for you or you can say where your potential customers are. You just need to carve up your digital marketing strategies in the right way.

A little smartness & the right digital marketing agency can help you to execute so.

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