Types of Messages to Not to Send to Your Customers

Types of Messages to Not to Send to Your Customers

Don’t send these 3 types of messages to your customers

75% of mobile phone users in India prefer to receive text message about deals and offers from their favorite stores and dealers. Bulk SMS services can massively inform billions of people about products and services in seconds. Bulk SMS packages are used by a variety of micro and macro companies these days.

SMS marketing is quite different from traditional marketing and media services because people don’t skip them like online adverts. Messages also have a higher open rate as compare to e-mails. Bulk SMS service providers are a budget friendly option in the Indian market as compared to tv, newspaper, radio or billboards ads which are expensive and provide limited coverage.

Sending bulk texts to a large group of receivers is quite easy, effective and fast. Messages are limited to 160 words only, millions of Indians receive bulk SMS on their cellular devices with just a push of a button.

Once the information is send there is no going back. Extra care and caution is required while preparing the message in order to launch a successful bulk SMS campaign. Optimize and use bulk SMS services to your advantage, and don’t send these types of messages to your customers.

Mini Sales and Deals

Numerous local organizations commit the general error of sending bulk messages on slow days to increase footfall in their online or offline store.

Small scale clearance sales of 10% or sales on selected brands and services are off-putting and can affect your SMS campaign. Clients need to feel special and they need different experience which usually comes with a decent deal. Everything that is average turns them off, so they accidentally dislike accepting updates without an incentive to them.

So sending updates or messages that provide significant offers and deals is quite essential. Occasional deals of 30% or more would anticipate encouragement in receiving updates by the customers.

Annoying Advertisements

Given the current monetary status of the country, an ever increasing number of individuals are setting their needs dependent on their needs.

Greater part of the population, wants value for money in the products and services they buy. Everything that is reasonable and usable is a great to do. Remember that a few subscribers pay for messages they get.

Clients would prefer not to be charged for messages that offer no incentive to them. If it is relevant to publicize another item or service that your organization offers to the general population, you should keep your infomercial data direct and exclude the extravagant words. Present your item as a need rather than extravagance.


Spamming can make negative impact on your SMS campaign. Don’t bombard your prospects or customers with deals and offers rather be decent and provide an option to subscribe or unsubscribe from texts from your organization or else they might want to avoid your business. 

Bulk SMS services provide a wider coverage to increase awareness for your brand as compared to other media so make sure to follow this guide and make necessarily changes to add value to your business and customer’s life.

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Debrishi Chatterjee

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