Top 9 SEO Tips of 2019 for SEO Beginners

Top 9 SEO Tips of 2019 for SEO Beginners


you could pull off for slow loading site. I can recall a time when I had to wait for 5 minutes for a popular news site, I’m certain that you can correlate with that.

That is never a good experience, it is an add to injury in the present market. If you do that, then the slow page can baffle the user experience and at last demoralize users from purchasing your item.

The Data from Google tells us that a 1-second delay in page loading can take our 20% conversions because page loading is a crucial factor for SEO.

Make a count in your brain.


Search engine optimization specialists understand the benefit of staying aware of their rivals. In any case, this requires something other than perusing their blogs and following them on social media  Using the right competitive marketing analysis tools is the best initial step you can take.

For example, If you use SEMrush and ahref, Than this tool will disclose every information that they used to get a high rank, like from where did they get backlinks and how many backlinks they are given. Simply select the keyword type you want to research, like organic keywords, and you’ll see a side by side correlation of these sites, and on what keyword they are getting rank on search engine result page.

By tracking and knowing how your competitors are working, you can fall them down with your new strategy and get a high rank on search engine result page.


Try not to give priority to search engine over the genuine people who are reading your content.

Rather, write content for the users, People who have eyes to read and have cards to buy your product. Crawlers and search spiders are simply scripts — they don’t purchase your product, they don’t engage with your content and do not share your content on social media, and they won’t be loyal clients. So work and write for genuine users, Even the whole search engine algorithm is based and meant for users


Fundamentally, freshness means isn’t the one of a kind words, it is about how every day you post new content, re-writing, new post, and re-update is likewise the piece of freshness.

See if your content would be more relevant and has quality then your blog or article will be given a more favorable position than others, and even if you regularly update your content give freshness to it then for sure Google will push you up at top ranking, because Google loves new content and users love quality content. Here is some content that you can focus on to improve your search engine rankings:

Another important thing is when writing an article or blog entry, then we do need to use each one of those keywords which are generally looked on Google search engine. So that we can get a favorable position to get ranked in the top of the search engine result page.


Your outside connections are a major factor, I mean external links, whether your pages rank on the main page of Google or get covered up under your competitors result.

Normally, pages that are connected the most by outside relevant websites are probably going to be seen via web crawlers. That is an important ranking factor for a website.

If you want to determine whether your page has quality backlinks or not then you should probably get sign up with the Ahref marketing tool. It gives you the whole explosion view of the site, that whether the sites are legitimate or not, just by copy their URL and paste it on the tool

If any spammy sites are linking your content, then you won’t perceive any enhancements or benefit for this link, otherwise, this is known as aka juice. This term refers to the overall benefit is being passed through hyperlinks. the search engine sees links as a vote of a surety.

when it comes to earning backlinks then you should not sit back and wait for others will give you link or notice you, you should be proactive and start reaching out to them via social media.


External links are not enough to get ranked in SERP first page, You need to link your very own site internally. For instance, link to other blog and articles to other blogs so that user can check out more relevant contents. For an example Best SEO company in Delhi, A journey to SEO or SEO consultant in Delhi, these are some links to my blog, where you can check out relevant information.


One of the important factors of SEO which people generally forget and ignore is the Meta description.

This is something which is shown to Google search page, some says ad page.

See if your Meta description is not relevant or unique then Google will not put you in a favorable position since it will seem to be user unfriendly.

If you copy Meta description then might be you will get penalized from Google.


It seems to be a little factor however commonly this is a huge factor, If you use alt tags and right keywords in your pictures then you will get priority than other peoples who did not utilize right keyword on pictures.

Crawlers don’t have eyes as being human, they can’t see pictures like human do, so the only thing left is, to put a right keyword in it so then they can scan and crawl our images. For example, I have an image of a blog post and I want to add an image in post, so I will optimize my image by adding my focus keyword like Best SEO services in Delhi, or I can add SEO service in Laxmi Nagar.

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