A Starting Journey of SEO

A Starting Journey of SEO


 Search engine is a service that enables Internet users to look for specific things by the use of the World Wide Web (www.nexcuit.com).  A user enters a keyword or long tail keyword into a search engine and gets tones of related results as sites, pictures, recordings or other online information.

All the list of information and contents which are shown on page is called (SERP) search engine result page.


  •   Google.
  •   Bing.
  •   Yahoo.
  •   Baidu.
  •   MSN
  •   YANDEX
  •   AOL.com.
  •   DuckDuckGo.
  •   Ask.com.

Google is the leader of all search engines, some of them are shown above


SEO is an abbreviation or an acronym which stands for search engine optimization. It is a process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search result page.

In other words, it is the way and method to advancing your site to get natural traffic from the search engine result page. Or we can say, SEO means to make some certain changes and improvements to your website that makes your website more alluring to a search engine. You do this with the expectation that the crawlers will show your site as a top result on the search engine result page.


Before to understand how SEO work, we should understand some technical terms which are being used in SEO. Like crawlers and index. Let me tell you crawler means an agent and employee which have been sent by Google to make a copy of the content and whole website so that that website can get stored in Google database. This is the simple explanation that one can give.

Let’s start how SEO works,

Search engine wants to give the best support to it users. It means delivering results on the search engine page that are not only in high quality but as well as more related to what the searcher is searching for.

So as to do this, search engines will crawl various sites for better understanding that what the site is all about. This helps the user to deliver more related results that they are looking for by typing certain keywords. Similarly, the search engine will scan the site to determine how the website is working, like the page speed, HTML tags, the navigation bar, the reading section and whole website structure, search engine make sure all the things are easy to understand or are optimized properly. So, that a user can engage in for certainly, then Google rewards that website with higher rankings on the search engine result page

SEO is a process that helps an organization to be in the top of the search result page on particular keywords. For instance, you have a website of SEO services and you want to be in the top of the search result page of Google on particular keywords like Best SEO services in Delhi, Best SEO company in Delhi, or  SEO company in Delhi. So, in order to get ranked on this keyword or get catches the sight of right people, you have to optimize your website, article, and blogs according to Google algorithm. So that your website and blog can get ranked on Google first page on the above keywords.


As we have come to know what is SEO and how does it work, So let’s take a look at some of the factors that can impact on search engine optimization. See Google as a giant corporation in this world in terms of search engine, cannot share its exact algorithm but we do have pretty of good understanding that how some of the factors impact on search engine optimization. There comes on page and off page factors, which we will be discussing below-


Before we start the factor of ON page and OFF page let’s first talk about the content writing, see if your content would be more relevant and has quality then your blog or article will be given more favorable position than others because Google love new content and users love quality content.

  •   E-BOOK

Another important thing is when writing an article or blog entry, then we do need to use every keyword in our content or in an article, which is generally looked on Google search engine. For an example, I gave a demonstration above that you have an SEO company and you want to be ranked on the particular keyword which is most searched on Google search engine like Best SEO company in Delhi NCR, SEO services in Laxmi Nagar or SEO consultant in Delhi. These are called keywords. 

One more factor is, how freshness is in your content. Fundamentally, freshness means isn’t the one of a kind words, it is about how every day you post new content, re-writing, new post, and re-update is likewise the piece of freshness.


The ON-PAGE SEO refers to those elements that happen on your website or we can say the activities we perform on the website are the part of on-page SEO. Even, these are the things that we have complete control over, meaning we can improve these things over time by some SEO tactics.


TITLE TAGS:-  Title tags are those tags which tell search engine what your page is all about, it should be less than 70 words including focus keyword.

META DESCRIPTION:-  Meta description are that description which tells search engine little more about the webpage or an article. The whole idea of this Meta description is to give a better understanding of the user for a related search.

 (NOTES: While writing Meta description you should ensure that you must write the relevant keyword in  Meta description like an SEO expert in Delhi or SEO packages in Delhi)

SUB HEADING:-  Subheading makes the user give a better understanding and as well as help in SEO. Because using all the tags (h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6) with the right way and in serial Google give a positive result to your website, so that you will get favored position in SERP results.

INTERNAL LINKING:-  Internal links also a factor of SEO. It helps your website indexing with internal links. Let’s imagine you write a blog and you gave a link of your main page then your main page will get benefit in ranking. Since you give an approach to crawlers to record your main page through the blog.

ALT TAGS IN IMAGE:- Alt tags are another factor of ON-PAGE SEO. See Alt tag helps Google to understand the image that what image is all about since Google crawlers cannot see the image because he has no human eyes but he has an algorithm to understand the image.

KEYWORD DENSITY:-  Yet this is another important factor for ranking, I have seen people using focus keyword more times in whole content. But if you do that then Google will penalize you and put your site in spam and your site will get blocked. This would be a blunder if you caught finding this. Keyword density would be 1 to 2 percent means you can use focus keyword 5 times if the content length is 500 words. It is recommended to use at least.

After doing and settled with these things you have to make sure that your site should be dynamic, it should be navigated and properly read when it opens in a mobile device since mostly search occurred in mobile devices.


Here are other factors that come in OFF-PAGE SEO, since they are not in our control but there are ways to possibly get the chances to work in your favor.

Here are other factors of OFF-PAGE SEO that can impact your search engine result

TRUST BUILDING:- Trust is normally a big factor in any aspect whether in case of search engine ranking or in real life. Let’s imagine you are sick and which would you trust a doctor or 100 people who advised you while you walked down to the stairs. Of course to the doctor. See that is how Google gives ranking on those sites which are given quality backlinks. Quality backlink means to have a reference from good sites who has good PA and DA.

SOCIAL:-  This is a prominent factor, social means if you publish quality content and user get engaged with it then they will use your link in their content and they will share for certain. If that happens then Google will drive you up at the top search result of his page.

LINKS:- See link building is a popular way for best practice of OFF-PAGE. But you have got to be sure that they are not spamming sites, if they are and you create a link on these sites then you will get penalized. Instead, you have to take time, spend time with your fans and build a relationship with them then definitely they will link you back in their own contents.

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