Make a better marketing decision with the correct use of SEO data

Make a better marketing decision with the correct use of SEO data

We all know SEO is a must for better ranking of your website in search engine. But using SEO only for the purpose of traffic is closing the other ways where you can use this skill to make the necessary decision on the basis of SEO data. Here, we will learn the types of SEO data and how it can lead to better marketing decisions. All these stuff you can also learn by joining the SEO course in Delhi.

Types of SEO Data

Organic traffic

Organic traffic: It refers to the visitors that come directly from the search engine results, it also indicates whether your website has answers to search engine queries that are searching by the audiences for a particular category.

Organic impressions:

Organic impressions

when the user’s search for queries and your website appears in the search result without using paid ads is known as organic impressions. It shows the reach of your digital content over the internet.

Organic ranking:

Organic ranking

while searching on Google, you might have noticed that Google ads rank at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and other website ranks below, that below result is known as organic ranking. In other words, Google ranks your content as the answer of queries asked by the users.

Keyword monthly search volume:


It shows the number of search for a particular keyword or keyphrase in a month, it could be different for different geographical locations like for a particular keyword monthly volume can be 1000 in Delhi or 100000 across India.

Number backlinks: A hyperlink on the webpage that redirects to the other website is known as a Backlink. It plays a critical role in SEO and helps your website for better ranking.

Number backlinks

Number of referring domain: If this post is getting a backlink from another website then you have one referring domain and this post is getting backlinks from another website then you have two referring domain. Remember, its referring domain is increase with the number of websites, not the number of times a website get a backlink.

Page Speed:

website Page Speed checker

Time taken to load the webpage is known as Page speed. It can depend on multiple factors like file size, having videos and bulk images can increase the page load time which creates a bad impact on the users.

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Now we are going to have a look at the other part of this post

How SEO data can help to rank your online business?

We have given brief information about SEO data that makes you understand what actually it is?

Now we are moving toward how this SEO data can help to make marketing decisions and all this information is based on the experts of AIDM which is the best digital marketing institute in Laxmi Nagar.

Search volume helps in product or brand naming

If you are struggling to define your brand name or product name, search volume helps you a lot. If you have launched a product earlier without searching what is in trend then there is a probability that your product would not have gone viral.

Like if you want to launch an online running apparel store and you are optimizing that product page with the name “Jogging shorts” then it won’t reach to the audience same with the name “running shorts” because it’s likely that “running shorts” have more search volume.

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Make your keyword strategy by user interest level

If we see from the buyer’s point of view, each stage is different for them and due to this reason search queries may differ based on the buyers’ stage. Let’s understand with an example.

A user searching with a query “What is SEO” that reflects that the user is at the initial level, he just wants to know what is the definition of SEO. In the second situation, if the search query is “Paid SEO software” which reflects that the users are at the later situation where he knows about SEO but want to but some paid tool related to SEO.

If we make strategies on the basis of users interest level, it will deliver the best experience to the users. They will get in the SERP what they actually want. All these strategies creation methods are taught at AIDM, which offers the best digital marketing course in Delhi.

Use collected data and make changes in your strategies if necessary

SEO data related to your website traffic can improve the customer experience. For instance, if you found that the number of visitors are coming on content which is about offering something like an ebook or a webinar but you have noticed that there is no conversion, that means you visitors don’t find your content useful.

Utilize backlink data to determine networking opportunities.

Using backlink data figure out which websites are citing to your content and identify which domains are backlinking to them. This is a great technique to hunt around for partners for guest posting or link building campaign.

The tools you can use to find the backlink networks are Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz and many more which make the process very simple. Using this backlink network and submitting a guest post begins a relationship with other business in the market. This connection can help you build backlinks from the website in which you are contributing. And remember Google also consider backlinks as a critical ranking factor and help to improve your business credibility.

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SEO data like keyword search volume, backlinks, website traffic data can lead to take marketing decisions very effectively. So next time when you stuck while taking branding decisions or content ideas then think about SEO metrics once. All these advanced SEO techniques can be learned by joining an SEO course in Laxmi Nagar provided by the AIDM institute and also get the updates of SEO strategies in 2020.

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