10 Best Social Media Platforms to Viral your Brand

10 Best Social Media Platforms to Viral your Brand

Social media platform are coming out every month, but are not getting active users, this is indeed why people use and made accounts on all social media platforms which are not famous.

There are the list of social media base platforms which are rushed with the active users

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Linkedin
  5. Pinterest

One of the fascinating and interesting things about the social media is that you don’t have to wait for the customer and don’t have to wait for search results; Eventually, customers will come to you if you just run an ad campaign. You can get the reach of 1 lac customers in a day if you want. See this is the power of social media platforms.


  1. The very first factor is which social media platforms your target audience are active on
  2. Where your target audience is interested in, Example which group and which channels they are following. 
  3. Where your target audience is usually engaging with.


Facebook is an online social media site and an American base company which has been founded by Mark Zuckerberg. It lies in the category with the top 3 technology company along with Google, Amazon, Apple.

Facebook is giant in social media platforms it has more than 2 billion active user monthly it means 200 Crore active users in month.

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Instagram is a video and photo sharing social site by users and it has owned by facebook. It was born in 2010 by kevin systrom and mike Krieger

Instagram application allow users to add photo and video with different filters, different tags and locations

It has 500 million users monthly, which is miracle and amazing for brand to get viral with these audience .


Twitter is an American base company which provide online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with message which is known as “tweets”.

It has been founded in march 2006 by jack Dorsey, Noah glass, Biz stone and Evan Williams and launched in July that year.

It has 328 million users interacting monthly. This is good enough to generate traffic.


LinkedIn is an American business founded on 28 December, 2002 and get launched on 5 may. LinkedIn mainly consider as a professional networking sites where employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their resume.

It allow members to to create profile and make connections with others. LinkedIn has more than 227 million active users on monthly.


Pinterest is social media we and application company which enable discovery of information on world wide but at small scale via IMAGES, GIF, and VIDEOS.

It is more about visible content, it is more likely to Instagram. It is highly targeted to woman market. It has an active user of 291 million, monthly.

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