Bulk SMS Service for Real Estate

Bulk SMS Service for Real Estate

Bulk SMS service for real estate is in trend. Every real estate broker and dealer wants to keep updating their potential clients and SMS is one of the mediums by which you can directly reach your clients. The only reason for this is that SMS has a 96% open rate in comparison to email and it directly pops up on the user’s mobile phone.

So if you are looking for a method to increase your property sales? Or are you a person who is seeking the right marketing solution for your properties? Bulk SMS is the solution for you because it is not only budget-friendly but also very specific to reach your audience.

Bulk SMS service for real estate is a way that is designed to allow the real estate agents and dealers to increase their sales. And Nexcuite Web Solution is a bulk SMS agency in Laxmi Nagar Delhi that has developed reliable and affordable solutions, particularly for the real estate industry.

No doubt, managing the sales of the property has multiple challenges including a huge marketing budget and long time efforts to reach the right customers. All the real estate agents need a platform that helps them display the property list to their thousand potential customers altogether but at a single instance of time.

Here are some benefits of Bulk SMS service for the real estate industry

  • In the present scenario where almost all the people own a mobile phone. It becomes very simple to deliver important information to the customers who are seeking their dream home.
  • Research shows that there is a 98% opening rate which is higher than any other medium of marketing like emails, tweets, Facebook messages, etc. So the more the rate of the opening means there is more chance of reading your message by customers.
  • Bulk SMS service can save your time, money, and effort because this is the cheapest and the most effective method to reach out to a maximum number of targeted people.
  • You can update your customer about property, land, or any construction site at any time.
  • As the opening rate is high, so the conversion rate is also high
  • You can also send a feedback message to get an instant response from your customers
  • It will help to create a database of all forms of house hunters or property enthusiasts
  • Using the option of replying to the number, you can generate highly efficient leads for your real estate business.

How does Bulk SMS in Delhi maximize your lead generation for the real estate business?

  • If you want to get more inquiries for real estate business through SMS, set up an SMS autoresponder campaign.

Here are the steps of creating an SMS autoresponder campaign:

  1. Select a specific keyword for selling your property or land, start shooting SMS to the potential customers and engage them to reply on a particular number chosen by you for the SMS campaign.
  2. Right after that, you can send SMSs having all the details about your property, house to the customer like detailing of bedrooms, kitchen, and other facilities.
  3. You can flash a number using SMS so that anyone interested in your deals can contact you directly with a phone call.
  4. You can also integrate email notification with this process. The benefit of doing this is the moment you will get a reply from the customers, you will get an email including all their phone numbers and details. What would happen with this, you can also contact that person despite waiting for his reply.
  • Bulk SMS service will allow you to send urgent alerts to that customer-related their EMI, remaining payment dues, and other essential information within a few seconds.
  • You can push customers for making registration to your website with the help of bulk SMS
  • You will always have the opportunity to start an alert service to those customers who have filled your registration form on your website and you can update them with important information.
  • You can also provide facility to you customer of getting all the property details on their mobile phones, area, finance option, distance from the main location, etc
  • Real estate brokers and dealers can also use bulk SMS service by sending the details about the property or office space to their customers.
  • You can separately create an SMS campaign for getting feedback from your customer.
  • Create a virtual business card, it is another most effective way to promote your real estate service using bulk SMS service in Delhi. Just like an auto-response campaign, you can create another campaign for delivering your virtual business card. If someone takes action against your SMS, they will receive an SMS from your side containing the details like your name, business name, contact details, and other identification relation information.
  • The smartest thing you can do with bulk SMS service for real estate is that you can target your potential audience. Sometimes real estate agents send messages to the person who is not interested in buying any property. So you can avoid this thing with the targeted bulk SMS campaign for the real estate business. You can make a list of different categories like potential buyers, existing buyers, new buyers and send SMSs according to the list. It will increase the chance of getting the relevant responses that will save you time, effort, and money as well.

In the end, I just want to say that the real estate industry is growing at a fast speed and this speed will increase in the coming future. This is a business that includes a huge amount of transactions and huge investments. Using the right marketing method will play a vital role in establishing your real estate brand. And bulk SMS marketing is an effective method that gives the fastest and significant results cost-effectively. So don’t waste your time now, Hire a reliable bulk SMS service provider in Delhi who can help you in boosting your business growth.

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