IVR Service Provider

We are IVR Service Providers in Delhi offering cloud-based IVR Service all things considered affordable rates for many years. What's more, as a pioneer in providing Online IVR Services in bangalore India we guarantee all calls are 100% recorded in our web-based call log board continuously.

We oversee millions of incoming Calls each Month on our dynamic IVR Numbers. What's more, to maintain ourselves as the best IVR Service Provider Company in India our great centre is to guarantee the best sound quality and instant call network. Subsequently, we have a repetitive organization of all significant Indian Telecom Operators along these lines we guarantee the best telco network across all urban areas in India. We can provide you IVR Number of any State within INDIA or some other country in the World at most affordable rates!

We additionally provide Vanity Numbers so now you can have Easy to Remember IVR Number of your decision at the lowest rate.

What Kind Of IVR Services Do We Provide? Virtual Numbers

Get Virtual Number with integrated IVR + Call forwarding to your personal mobile or landline numbers.

Custom IVR Call Flow

We fabricated Custom IVR Call stream according to your business requirement

Call Monitoring and Recording

Capacity permitting to notice information concerning call logs (length, date and time, caller number, recording).

IVR Menu

Computerized voice menu guide's caller to address department by linking dial digits with expansion codes.

Greeting Message

Begin playing the company's welcome greeting message when a caller calls to IVR number.

Contingent Forwarding

You can define a rule for forwarding calls according to date, time or some other conditions or boundaries.

Hold Music

Charming song replacing quietness or telephone tons during the waiting period for call answer from end recipient.


You get the capacity to blacklist caller numbers whenever.


Recorded voice SMS for subscribers whose calls you missed will be saved to your email.

Features of an IVR Call masking

Conceal your personal number behind the virtual number to maintain protection between you and your customers.

Call recording

Record your customers calls to determine on-call debates and train your staff with the assistance of call recordings.

Programmed call routing

Gather input about the callers' requirement and courses are called automatically to the correct department.

Experts & specialist

Associate your callers with a pre-defined chief at whatever point they call on your IVR number.

Virtual receptionist

Invest your capital in an IVR and lessen the human mistake rate by inculcating voice greeting in your business measures.

Call tracking

Track business calls and get a point by point scientific report about the number of calls missed/got.

How IVR Services in Delhi are utilized in Industry:

Any individual who calls on your Office Number (Virtual Number) will initially hear a Company welcome message (Welcome to XYZ Company Limited, We offers the unique items and services) and post welcome message IVR augmentation alternative will come :

  • Press 1 for Sales Department
  • Press 2 for HR Department
  • Press 3 for the Marketing Department
  • Press 5 for Accounts Department
  • Press 9 for customer care

In view of the augmentation, alternatively chosen by the caller, Incoming calls will be automatically directed to any mobile or landline telephone planned for that expansion and specialists begin speaking with a customer.

What's more, post-call finished, System will automatically send SMS on caller number with your custom sender ID, Example: Pay TM, Tata Sky, ID-Idea, VM-ICICIB)

Why Your Business Needs Nexcuit Web Solution IVR Solution Handle Call Volume

Do you get a huge volume of calls? Our IVR arrangement causes you to deal with the high call volume. You don't have to stress over losing leads. Simply take it easy. Allow the IVR to deal with your calls.

Make a Personalized Experience

Welcome your callers by their names. Record however many greeting messages as you need and continue to trade them. Give your customers' new and exceptional feel each time they call. Direct them to the pertinent agent, team.

Construct a Professional Brand Image

IVR causes you to improve your expert image and creating various departments will elevate your brand image among your customers.

Improve Customer Service

IVR makes it simple to address your customers' inquiries. Allow them to redirect to the concerned department in the principal endeavour. Give your customers an issue free encounter and construct trust.

Improve Your Team Productivity

The objective of IVR is to diminish specialist dealt with call volume by increasing self-service achievement and by routing more calls to the correct team or department. It will improve your representatives' effectiveness.


You don't need to spend a lot. We offer affordable designs to SMBs. No shrouded cost or additional cash. Simply pick the arrangement which suits best.

Bulk SMS Service Provide in Location

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Basically, IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is a technology that allows the users to get the information from a phone system without any help from an operator. Using this technology, we can get the input of callers usually with phone keys and with the help of voice recognition technology to perform the specific actions
It is a technology that allows sending of a pre-recorded message that contains some useful information about any event, brand, product or service. It starts playing automatically when the receiver picks up the call using a mobile or telephone. This is also known as outbound dialer (OBD) technology. Bulk voice SMS can dial out the essential set of phone numbers and play the pre-recorded message promptly. It can also help to gather touch-tone inputs from the receivers to get back the response of bulk SMS campaign
The standard length of a pulse is 30 seconds. There is a 1-second call setup and 1 sec call disconnect time and 28 seconds of talk time, to convey the useful details to the end-users. So basically 1 pulse contains 28 second time period and 2 pulses contain 56 second time period
Basically, two types of IVR solution are there. One is single level IVR (basically used for a voice greeting) and second is multi level IVR (includes a greeting followed by instructions to choose the desired option to connect with a human).
No, at Nexcuit Web Solution you will get lifetime validity and you can utilize your credits any time when needed.
No, there is no limit to updating phone numbers while uploading through the phonebook. The basic need is the phonebook supports either CSV or a TXT files
Yes, the facility of scheduling IVR calls on a landline is available in IVR service Bangaloreand short code service in delhi Make sure you have entered a 10 digit number, for example, a mobile number should be entered without 0 or +91. Similarly, landline number should be entered by omitting the first zero before the standard code for a specific location like (1146707070)
No, there is no difference in the rates on STD as well as local numbers.
Our services are based on the prepaid model. As soon as you make payment for the services, your account will be credited and this credit limit will be deducted if any of the services you consume like incoming or outgoing calls
As you make payment for our services using any of payment mode, your account will get activated within a maximum of 24 hours. We will be provided with a username and password on your registered mail Id or mobile number. With the help of this login credentials, you can access your IVR account from anywhere using a laptop or smartphone.