Why You Should Choose Bulk SMS Marketing for Your Business

Why You Should Choose Bulk SMS Marketing for Your Business

Bulk SMS: Savior of Local Businesses

What is Bulk SMS marketing?

Bulk SMS is the tool to disseminate information to a large number of people via mobile networks. Bulk SMS providers in Delhi provide the option of sending relevant information about your brand, products, latest deals etc to the targeted consumers who have shown interest in your product or services before.

Why you should choose Bulk SMS marketing in 2019 for your business?

1. No Internet: No problem 

Text messages can be sent to a larger audience since they don’t require an internet connection to open up. People who don’t own a Smartphone can still get to know latest and relevant information about your brand and its product.

2. Cost Effective

Bulk SMS services are cheaper in comparison to other marketing options such as TV, radio, newspaper etc which can help decrease your market budget and you don’t have to spend an entire day for marketing and with just a click you can reach thousands of potential buyers and consumers and maintain your market presence.

3. Faster Conversion

SMS services are opened at a global average rate of 94% while e-mails are opened at a global rate of 24.8% which shows that Bulk SMS services providers are here to stay. SMS services are limited to 160 words which makes information short, crisp and up to the point. Bulk text messages are also used to optimize e-mail open rates by including URLs.

4. Feedback

Bulk SMS service provider can help businesses in improving and building relationships with their customers. SMS polling or surveying can be used to get customer feedback regarding the new store, deals, sales etc. This helps in improving the brand image which can boost business performance in the market.

5.  Environment Friendly

Bulk SMS also provide a two -way street in which a consumers can also revert back to the business organization. This helps in increasing interaction, businesses can also advertise about different promotional offers and codes and users can communicate back to get their discounts which also helps in reducing the carbon footprint.

6. Saves Times

Businesses can opt in and out of Bulk SMS services. Market researchers state that Bulk SMS services provide 93% visibility to your message which provides a huge advantage. Businesses can also use these services to promote and communicate instantly with their audience. For example black Friday sales or special discounts on weekends etc.

Selecting the right organization

In India there are many organizations and companies proving Bulk SMs services and the right one will provide you with the right database and contact circles. In any case, one can have an upper hand over the other just when they can help businesses reach their effective goal markets. Nexcuit Web Solutions provides the best SMS gateways for local businesses in Delhi, India.

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