how to send bulk SMS using android phone for free

how to send bulk SMS using android phone for free

How to send bulk SMS from mobile

Did you ever wish to send a single text SMS to a lot of people in your phone contact list at one time? If yes then you have to copy-and-paste for every one of those contacts, but that is fairly time-consuming

So here we have mentioned a couple of apps that will help you  “how to send bulk SMS from mobile free

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1. Multi SMS Sender

Multi SMS Sender

MSS provides you complete control over the way you send your messages, together with all the flexibility to delete or update generated contact classes.

It is an immediate SMS app that organizes your messages from the date and time that they were shipped –while showing you the specific time that each receiver received your SMS. Additionally, it will come with personalization and signature features that permit you to customize your own text.

When you start the app, you have the option of producing contact classes with unique names. It’s possible to send a single message to each of the categories you have created, or select the particular category you’d love to text.

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2. Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Plans is just another SMS solution that provides you an assortment of interactive features. It permits you to send your customized text to a maximum of 5,000 contacts using a single tap.

One of the strong points of the app is that you get to make removable SMS templates for various contact classes. Message sending depends upon your internet connection.

That is a feature which allows you to send texts in a single tap, instead of in batches–offering speed and instantaneous deliverability.

In this app, you have to manage your sender’s ID, SMS templates, and SMS to see background accounts. That is an uncommon feature for the majority of SMS apps.

3. Group Messaging

Though its interface seems a bit nasty, if you have been trying to ship thousands of messages at one time, Group Messaging does a fantastic job of this. It is a lightweight choice that includes a simple interface. With this app, you have to title and then select your target contact classes. This makes it easy to affirm that you are sending the proper message into the proper set of contacts. You can also delete a group, remove a receiver from the category, or add more numbers to some group

4. (BSS) Bulk SMS Sender
Bulk SMS Sender

This app is an excellent one in the event that you send texts consistently to contacts within an Excel spreadsheet.

If you like, it is also possible to export your contact list to Dropbox for later usage. If you do not wish to send the SMS from the mobile, you could always set a link that allows you to send text straight from the personal computer .

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This app comes with an SMS tracker which allows you to monitor your own SMS in real-time. You could even see failed and effective messages from the SMS history log.

But if you prefer, it is possible to schedule an SMS for after by putting it upon scheduled auto-send. This feature helps you to remember to send periodic messages, and it is a smart way to use SMS in case you ship texts consistently

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5. Group SMS

free bulk SMS sending software from pc to mobile

This app has a few issues, but we include it because of its ability to append a contact list to a document and read contacts out of uploaded files. It is a pretty handy app that utilizes the network provider’s credits to ship your SMS. It may send a text to a maximum of 314 contacts at one time. One of its major drawbacks is the setup of its own send button.

Another slight issue, which might or may not disturb you, is your continuous request to make it the default SMS app.

Otherwise, it is another fantastic majority SMS app that is easy to use. It is one to consider if you want a light app and target a larger crowd. While sending your SMS, you get to eliminate duplicate contacts from the receivers list.

Multi SMS & Group SMS comes with an interface that shows you the delivery status of each message, even if shipped in bulk.

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how to send bulk SMS for free

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