Tips to retain your existing customers via Bulk SMS Marketing

Tips to retain your existing customers via Bulk SMS Marketing

As we all know, customer retention is one of the most important goals of every businessman. Everyone wants their customer to come back and purchase their goods or use their services, but sometimes it seems difficult to do so.

One of the major methods of marketing i.e. Bulk SMS marketing is highly ignored by the marketers. Whosoever knows about this marketing method would have known how important this service is and how it can benefit one’s business in numerous ways.

If someone reading this article knows about Bulk SMS marketing and is searching for the best Bulk SMS Reseller in Delhi then you can directly check Nexcuit web solutions. They are the best in converting your visitors into valuable customers and retaining them afterward.

So, Lets’ understand what Bulk SMS service is and why one should choose it for their business!

Bulk SMS service is the circulation of large figures of SMS for sending to various mobile phone terminals. Bulk SMS services are known to be the most effective tool for fascinating customers and increasing customer reliability. If we talk about small and large enterprises, banks, consumer brands, media entertainment, or industries, everyone uses this service for multiple reasons.

 Additionally, a few things you should know:

•       20-30 % of the receivers read SMS.

•       47% of recipients tap & check the SMS-link and end up with some purchasing.

•       SMS obligates to be 98% open rate which means this percentage of recipients opens SMS instantly after receiving SMS.

•       Around 30% of customers interact with a brand through a text message.

Let’s check a few tips to retain your customers via Bulk SMS service in India:

1.Sorted customer database:

Never forget to maintain a separate and sorted database according to the buying habits of your customer. This is one of the most important things; you can simply use it to tackle customer interest while endorsing a new deal to existing customers.

 Ways by which you can determine buying interest:

•       Acquisition history

•       Buying behaviour

•       Comforts 

2. Personalized SMS:

How about an idea of addressing your customers with their forenames? SMS with their names will definitely stop them for a while and make them read. This is one of the best ways to give your customers a personal touch and make them feel that they are a part of you.

This can change the whole affiliation over into an individual discussion.

3. Don’t miss to text them on their important dates:

Imagine someone whom you never expected will remember your birthday or anniversary, wishing you on your auspicious day, how will you feel? It would be surprising for you and you will definitely feel good.

In the same way, everyone loves this personal touch and emotion. Use these reactions as a trick of marketing. Do not forget to wish your customers on their important day. Make sure your message should be less formal and more personal.

4. SMS on festivals/ occasions:

Never miss out on a chance to connect with your customer, connect with them in any way possible. In India, we have many festivals; you can use those to get in touch with your customers. Make them watch your wishing SMS first when they wake up in the morning.

If you are wondering how it would be possible to connect with your customer on every festival/occasion, then you do not have to think anymore. Nexcuit Web solutions, which are known to be the best bulk SMS service provider in Delhi or India, make sure that you would not miss sending SMS to your customers on any festivals/occasions. For that they prepare a yearly calendar for all festivals/occasions with their specific dates so that you would not miss a single chance to connect with your customers.

5. Offer them the best customer assistance support:

Customer service has been proved as one of the most important pillars in business growth. Every customer expects someone to assist them when they have some queries.

This is how your customer service should be-

•       Instant reverts

•       Portable, which means SMS can be read and switched anytime.

•       Employ customer service representatives who possess good communication skills to look after the texts.

•       Provide proper helpline

In this digital age, if you are also looking for your customers to retain, then Bulk SMS marketing is one of the best ways. Almost everyone nowadays carries a smartphone which makes marketers reaching out to their customers easier. The best thing is, this service doesn’t require the internet. So, in this way you can reach out to even those individuals who are not active on digital platforms. So why not create direct communication with your customers? Bulk SMS service in India will help in stimulating instant results for your business.

The above article is shared by Nexcuit web solutions who are one of the best Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi or India. In this article, they have provided almost all the tips which they believe and follow to retain their customers. If you are also looking for Bulk SMS service in Delhi, then you can contact them at +91-9910326510. They provide both transactional SMS&promotional SMS services to make your connection with your customers easy and reliable. Don’t miss to cultivate everlasting bonds with your customers via Bulk SMS marketing.

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