What is DLT Registration? Why is it Mandatory?

What is DLT Registration? Why is it Mandatory?

Now the majority Bulk SMS providers in Delhi have to enrol with TRAI. Together with the upgraded rules, whoever wishes to send transactional or promotional SMS for their clients needs to be registered with DLT.

It is being issued in the public interest to restrain the SMS spam from several advertising and marketing companies.

Updated TRAI Rules For Bulk SMS

To prevent customers from unsolicited commercial communication TRAI has revised the rules for telemarketers and partnerships to get bulk SMS service in India.

It’s invented the guidelines to boost control and stop some fraudulent practice. Additionally, it provides better security for your own end-customer.

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They’ll be in charge of telecom operators that are directly answerable to TRAI.

The system is regulated using blockchain technologies called DLT and the entire panel things will be interlinked with one another.

To assist you to realize the system it is advised you understand about the industrial communication ecosystem. There are various sorts of entities involved in the procedure.

Principal Entity

It is the company who is sending SMS to the clients. It might be a person, partnership company, or some other person and government thing.

According to the upgraded TRAI rules each thing needs to be enrolled with all the telecom operators at the DLT platform.

End Customer

The end customer is your cellular subscriber who will get the SMS. S(he) can provide permission for promotional SMS from virtually any business enterprise.

The end client can place preferences, register complaints, and unsubscribe anytime according to the TRAI rules.

Service Provider

Bulk SMS providers will be the individuals who supply this support to companies or organizations.

Every service provider has to be enrolled on the DLT platform to send messages on behalf of their main thing.

Telecom Operators

These would be the access providers who’d be directly linked to TRAI and assist from the law procedure.


Regulatory compliance is created by the operator, i.e TRAI. It simplifies and simplifies the operations to protect clients’ interests and protect against fraudulent practices.

DLT Registration Is Now a Mandate!

DLT Registration has become compulsory — Regulatory had released the DLT Registration process and consequently, we’ll have to follow.

  • TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) had published The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2018 (TCCCPR) on 19th July 2018.
  • With this communication, we would like to inform you regarding the numerous stages for implementing the above-mentioned Regulation which mandated using Blockchain technology also called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to execute the solution.
  • Operators have already employed the DLT system. The first stage of the law focused on registering Entity/Enterprise about the new stage.

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Organize followings documents and details prior to proceeding to get Telemarketer and Enterprise registration:

  • Business PAN Number with Soft Copy.
  • GST Number (GST Certificate)
  • Business Established Certificate.
  • Complete Business Address.
  • Evidence of Company Identity (PAN Card) with Softcopy.
  • Evidence of Business Entity using Softcopy(GST Reg. /Company Reg.)
Procedure For DLT Registration

TRAI has mandated the registration of telemarketers and ventures from the DLT platform. Registration fees may vary based upon your service provider.

Telemarketer Registration Process
  • Choose a Telemarketer. (LikeVideocon Smartping DLT Registration, Airtel DLT Registration, Vodafone-Idea DLT Registration, Tata Tele Services DLT Registration, MTNL DLT Registration, BSNL DLT Registration, Jio DLT Registration )
  • Click “No” when asked”Are you enrolled with any other mobile operator DLT network.
  • Enter your business PAN number.
  • Put in your organization PAN number.
  • Wait for OTP confirmation.
  • Confirm your Email.
  • Login to the portal site.
  • Fill out the mandatory information and upload any files required.
  • Get your registration number after completing the above steps.
  • Your Telemarketer registration ID will be given to you within 72 hours of your KYC upload.
Enterprise Registration Process
  • Choose as an Enterprise.
  • Click “No” when asked”Are you enrolled with any other mobile operator DLT network.
  • Put in your organization PAN number.
  • Fill the form with details that are required.
  • Wait for OTP confirmation.
  • Confirm your Email.
  • Login to the portal site.
  • Upload the necessary files.
  • Get your registration number after completing the above steps.
  • Your Enterprise registration ID will be given to you within 72 hours of your KYC upload.
How DLT Registration Helps Enterprises and Customers?

Enterprises who operate SMS advertising campaigns need to register themselves in the DLT system based on TRAI guidelines. It was released to commence transparency of those functionalities of Enterprises.

Additionally, it assists TRAI to identify the consumers who initiate the SMS/voice service so they can easily use the service with no trust problems.

It has been executed by all of the operators and currently, telemarketers and businesses may produce the registration below any operator’s DLT platform after the above-mentioned steps.

You are going to be getting an exceptional registration number depending on your enrollment for a telemarketer or business on the very first period of DLT registration.

Customer Benefits
  • Elimination of fraud and spam that has been an issue for several decades.
  • The usage of blockchain technology guarantees safety.
  • Independent enrollment for telemarketers and partnerships gives additional transparency.
Enterprise Benefits
  • More concentrated outreach to the clients.
  • All templates and headers are enrolled on the stage.
  • Better communication with the clients who really wish to obtain advice from you.
  • Improved advertising practices to attain your intended audience.

FAQ Questions:-

Do I need to pay DLT Registration Fees Rs? 5000+GST (Rs.5900)

Yes, 5900 must be compensated into the telecom operator as a DLT enrollment fee. We aren’t carrying this cost. Additionally, we’re getting the things enrolled for free when the operators are providing us with the communicating of the exact same.

If we do not register on the DLT platform will our SMS delivery be stopped?

We’re connected with numerous operator we’ll attempt to pass onto the most possible flexibility to our esteemed customers, but we Nexcuit Web Solution is your aggregator of SMS agency wherein we’re determined by the telecom service providers such as Vodafone-Idea, Videocon, BSNL, Airtel, MTNL etc… So if those operators execute the principles strictly according to TRAI mandate then we’ll be made to obey the criteria and won’t have the capability to procedure SMS out of Unregistered Entities.

Our Company Bulk SMS Service Provider in City

We’re following the directions in the Telecom operators for this Procedure predicated on the TRAI Mandate and aren’t certain about the consequences and effects of the procedure. Thank you for working with us.

Thank You For Being So Patient

Regards Nexcuit Web Solution
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