How Many Sales I Can Expect Through Bulk SMS Service

How Many Sales I Can Expect Through Bulk SMS Service

India is rising as one of the fastest-growing economies in 2020-2021. One of the significant cause of economic boost is the ease of doing business. Entrepreneurship is prevalent among the new generation. When every company is racing to outrank their competitor, they do not want to ignore any single marketing strategy. Bulk SMS is one of those strategies.

Bulk SMS, as the name says, is the easiest way to reach the target audience quickly. It requires an SMPP server to use the service. There are so many SMPP server provider in India, but choosing best & affordable is the task to perform first. Conversion is the primary question before we buy any service for our business. When we think of SMS targeting for our customer, we need this service frequently.

SMS is less converting but very significant outbound marketing technique. It has been trending since the evolution of smartphones. For example, To choose the best Bulk SMS services in India,  we first look into Google and pick the one from the top in the list. We think the top scorer will always be the best as per Google recommendations. There are so many other deciding factors to choose before you invest in any services.

 I have summarised some of the technical factors to consider before you browse bulk SMS packages in India,

Sender Id is the unique name that an SMS receiver get. It helps them to identify your SMS type. The ID is the best way to showcase your brand or SMS subject. You should always look for customize sender ID with Bulk SMS service.

Text message is an alert that everyone checks frequently. Some people are in the habit of checking it in off time. We are not supposed to ignore people who read messeges early morning or at night. Always look for a provider who gives an interface to schedule text message.

Delivery report feature helps to know if sent messegeshave been delivered or not. Do not buy any bulk SMS service without this feature.

Every provider must provide API to integrate with the service

 All of the Promotional SMS in India and Transactional SMS Services in india comes in a pricing range of 0.05p/SMS to 30p/SMS. Choose the cost that is best suited your pocket considering all the above factors are met.

The trial is always said to be the best practices before purchasing any service so I would advise asking for test first. The above things to consider is vital to get the excellent quality Bulk SMS service.

So we have completed the first step of choosing the right service. To get a better conversion of any marketing investment, you need to understand the nature of your business audience. Let’s take an example,

You are running a restaurant business that provides food home delivery services to all the areas near you. You will have a different menu for different time of the day. Suppose you are running a discount offer on a particular snack in the evening time, you need to send bulk SMS around 4 PM to target customers in your area.

So, sales come by targeting customers inappropriate time and using the appropriate strategy. Usually, businesses get calls quickly while shooting bulk SMS. Sales volume depends on the approach of the marketing person and how effectively a salesperson handle customer inquiry. There is so many bulk SMS Reseller in India to choose. By doing some background check, you can find the one that can help you generate good sales. Nexcuit also provides Bulk SMS services.

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