Reasons why your business needs IVR solutions

Reasons why your business needs IVR solutions

Are you running a business that requires customer handling assistance on a large basis? Then you are going to read the right & appropriate post.

You must have listened to the term IVR which stands for Interactive voice response. It helps large scale and small scale businesses to interact with the customers in a very simple way. We understand hiring a large number of employees to route calls on concerned departments is expensive and hectic. So it is better to choose IVR solutions for your business provided by Nexcuit which is a dominating IVR service provider in India.

Let’s understand what IVR is and who can use it?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated customer assistance system that interacts with a customer & gathers its information before redirecting to a concerned agent.

To specify it more, have you heard on-call “Press one to call our customer executive or press two to check new offers”? These are a pre-recorded messages used by companies that receive a lot of inbound calls. It helps in cost-cutting & solving customer’s queries more efficiently.

No matter if it’s a big business or a small one, the IVR solution can do wonders for all businesses. Let’s check who & for what purpose one can use it:

• It can be used in call centers to handle calls more effectively.

• It can be used for extended business hours. It will help your customers to stay in touch with you 24*7.

• It’s beneficial for routing calls to the concerned departments according to the customer’s problems.

• It can help you to increase your sales by highlighting the latest offers and discounts. Your customers can easily avail those by clicking on the keypad.

• It can be used to provide password reset services to your customers. It is generally provided by banks, Paytm, and many other brands.

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• It can be used to survey as it can collect basic information of the customer.

Therefore, IVR can be used by any brand that receives calls in large numbers. If you are one of them and want to make the customer experience more satisfying, then you should definitely give it a try. For that, you can check the best bulk SMS service provider in India.

Let’s give a read on the benefits of Interactive voice response (IVR):

1. Prompt customer service:

IVR gives you the advantage to attend to your customer’s super-fast. As at first after calling, the customer has to specify their purpose to call, IVR redirects them to the right customer executive which makes the process short and queries easy to resolve. It has made it easier to connect with customer care. How can we forget that time, when manual calls were made & queries not solved?

2. Filtration of the call automatically:

As IVR automatically gathers basic information at the first go, it helps customer executives to prepare for the call as they already got to know that what kind of query they have to tackle. This helps in saving a lot of time. It’s a perfect way to satisfy your customers & build your brand image.

3. Less waiting time:

With proper distribution of calls in the concerned departments, customers have to wait really short to communicate with the agent and got their queries solved.

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4. 24*7 customer case assistance:

With the help of IVR, your customers can access you anytime in a day. No matter it’s early in the morning or midnight, IVR can handle customer queries with its intelligence. It can provide customers with the best information or can inform them to contact back during business hours which can really help the brand to retain customers.

5. Requires lower cost:

A well-developed IVR system can resolve customer queries without even redirecting customers to some agents. To an extent, this can directly help one brand to cut its labor cost.

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Final words:

Bringing multiple benefits to the business, the IVR solution is a sound investment to expect high ROI. With simple, crisp & easy to comprehend communication, enhances customer’s experience and brand identity.

If you are searching for an excellent IVR service provider in Delhi, then you can check out the Nexcuit web solution. They have made it easy for brands to greet their customers or to redirect them to your customer agents in a bug freeway at pocket-friendly prices. Contact them now at +91-9910326510 to make your customer experience simpler & satisfactory.

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